The Addiction Collection: Cuba Libre, Pastis de Marseille, Whisky Pur Malt, Rhum Agricole, Cognac VSOP by Fariboles {Shopping Tips} {Scented Candles}



Do you wished your place smelled like a French café or a Scottish pub, in a good sense? Do you want to be reminded of long friendly past conversations spent over excellent drinks? The candle and home fragrance brand Fariboles offers an unconventional line of scented candles based on famous liquors. The candles are hand-made in the south of France. This particular collection is called "Collection Addiction" and includes Cuba Libre (Free Cuba), Pastis de Marseille, Whisky Pur Malt, Rhum Agricole, and Cognac VSOP.....


Cuba Libre has notes of cola, Cuban rhum, and lime. Pastis de Marseille has notes of star anise, spices, and licorice. Rhum Agricole has notes of rhum, fruits, and vanilla. Whisky Pur Malt has notes of whisky, honey, and woods.


The 185 g candles lasts 48 hours and retail for $32 and the 60 g candles reatil for $12 on French Soaps and Fariboles.

Sources: French Soaps and Fariboles websites 


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  1. Does anyone know where to get these candles wholesale? French Soaps has stopped carrying them and Fariboles gives no wholesale info??????

    Thank you!


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