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The very confidential niche beauty and perfume brand hailing from Brittany, Lostmarc'h, is now offering its selection of products online. Like the wonderful niche perfume house Divine, they have their roots in Dinard, a popular seaside resort on the Emerald Coast of France.

"The Lostmarc'h in Brittany products are developed with the utmost care; their production is limited and controlled. They are made up of raw materials of the highest quality."

Lostmarc'h has created five perfumes called in Breton Atao (Always), Aod (Seashore), Lann-Ael (Angel Heath), Ael-Mat (Guardian Angel), and Din-Dan (Underbrush).....

Atao is described as a traditional eau de cologne for men and has notes of Orange, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, with a woody and slightly spicy afterscent. It is one of their best-sellers.

Aod invites us to "recall the tang of the ocean, the scent of wet sand." It has notes of fresh grapefruit,a floral core: gardenia, coconut, and seashore aromas.

Lann-Ael is described as a nuzzling, caressing fragrance. It includes notes of Buckwheat, other cereals, whiffs of milk, apple and vanilla. It is also one of their best-sellers.

Ael-Mat is a unisex fragrance. It is about the "entwined scents of heathland and ocean: heather, gorse, salt spray and seaweed …" (There should be a law against perfume descriptions that are overly alluring is what I am thinking right now). It includes notes of hesperidia with undertones of jasmine and chamomile blossom over a soft musk base note.

Din-Dan sounds like a deliciously fresh fragrance, meant not only to be for him and her but for the whole family as well. It is based on a bouquet of verbena and includes notes of fresh lemon, with an afterscent of mint and peach blossom.

They also carry bath and body ancillary products as well as beauty products.

The perfumes retail 45 Euros for a 100 ml flacon and are happily available online.

You can see a panoramic view of the Pointe de Lostmarc'h here 

Sources: Parfums-échecs chez Alice, Lostmarc'h


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  1. Thanks for the lovely review - I'm ready to spend my next vacation in Dinard now. :)

  2. It does seem to be turning into a hip perfume hub:)


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