New Online Perfume Magazine: Sniffapalooza Magazine {Fragrance News}


Sniffapalooza is a well-known institution among perfume lovers. It is a periodic gathering of fragrance aficionados that meet to literally sniff until they drop and listen to talks from professionals from the industry. Now editor Raphaella Brescia has set up a magazine under the auspices of Sniffapalooza called Sniffapalooza Magazine.

Congratulations on the new launch! You can check out their latest issue.

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  1. Marie-
    Thank you so much for the wonderful mention and launch! I just returned from the Sniffapalaooza Spring Fling perfume event in New York City. I saw my "favorite" men-the handsome Mark and Robert from Aedes, had fun testing all the the new releases - We wished you were there with us.

    We adore you in America and look forward to working with you-I love your site-you are so gifted -

    Warm wishes-Raphaella

    Raphaella Brescia

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