Tommy Girl 10 by Tommy Hilfiger {Perfume Review & Musings}



Continuing our presentation of a series of fresh scents that might appeal to people who like simplicity, we now turn to Tommy Girl 10. Tommy Hilfiger launched this perfume together with Tommy 10 (for men) last summer to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their perfume business.

The description of the notes is alluring and as it turns out the fragrance itself does not disappoint. It possesses a very American quality in our eye of being fresh and clean at the same time with light florals that avoid being completely pedestrian by showcasing a water lily note that smells a bit different and even singular. It resembles the lily in Crown Perfumery Alpine Lily, a scent that it is discontinued and which makes one appreciate even more its presence in Tommy Girl 10. It is also reminiscent of another hard-to-find fragrance, Message from Orchids by Shiseido......


The perfume has top notes of tart Nantucket cranberry, luscious Marion pear, sweet Pixie tangerine and Indian River grapefruit; a heart of Mississippi magnolia, California honeysuckle and Virginia water lily, and a drydown of Vermont cream, butterscotch and Rocky Mountain birch. If you needed proof that this one is meant to be an all-American scent, there you have it.

Tommy Girl 10 is a feminine airy, watery fragrance with light touches of cream which are quickly absorbed by the aquatic ambience. In that, it follows a mainstream trend of perfumes aimed at younger women in which the secret formula of success seems to be a combination of fruits, flowers, cream, and butterscotch. We already pointed to the existence of that perfume fashion trend when we reviewed Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe.

In Tommy Girl 10 the trend is apparent, but it has been applied by subtler minds and the result is more sophisticated within the parameters of a design line. The perfume does not make you think of a Del Monte fruit salad drizzled with cream but rather of an aquatic locale, like a pond, near which a grove with juicy transparent fruits grow and on which surface dewy flowers float. The silghtly warm fresh cream comes direct from a romantically dilapidated nearby farm of course.

The citrusy start is quickly followed by a more marked aquatic impression with the Vermont cream already appearing as undertones. The floral heart with a bit of a singular character then develops with the magnolia, honeysuckle, and water lily. Aquatic notes are more important than creamy ones. The drydown reveals a light leathery trace with the birch. I also get an impression of Tonka bean. The watery character is predominant throughout rendered even more transparent by airy notes of ozone. The result is a delightful casual sexy clean floral and should please you if you are looking for a perfume that is optimistic, fresh, laid-back, and feminine. The delicious animalic note of clean white musk is very discrete and only perceptible in the longer drydown.

I enjoy this scent very much and think that it will be a lovely scent to wear all year round when craving simplicity and freshness and that it will be even more appropriate to wear it in the spring and summer.

You can purchase Tommy Girl 10 at good discount prices at 1stPerfume, $34.99 for a 1.7 oz flacon and $44.99 for a 3.4 oz flacon. 

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  1. Could you answer a question for me? About 10 years ago, I smelled something that smelled very much like Fendi on a woman and asked her what her perfume was and she answered Tommy Girl. I was surprised, I had been so sure it was Fendi. I have never sniffed Tommy Girl at a perfume counter, or sampled it, so I can't compare. Is it very, very similar to Fendi?

  2. I have not tried Tommy Girl either, but if I do I'll keep your question in mind.

  3. I've smelled both Tommy Girl and Fendi and they smell nothing alike, in fact to me they are quite the opposite, Tommy Girl a fresh citrus floral and Fendi a deep woodsy intense oriental.

  4. Thanks, Jennifer. Your description of Fendi is right on, and if you say it's nothing like Tommy Girl, that settles the question I've had in my mind for so long.

  5. Anya,

    A priori Tommy Girl is very different from Fendi, but with body chemistry you never know. I'd test them side by side to see intuitively if they could resemble each other as Fendi can have its lighter aspects come to the fore more.

  6. hi i just wanna know if the tommy girl 10 is for her or him?

    i don,t know that i will greatfull if u answer me


  7. tommy girl 10 is the feminine version, whereas tommy 10 is the masculine scent. hence the word 'girl.' ;-)

  8. Hi! my boyfriend likes Le male by J P Gaultier, I wanna know if this Tommy 10 could be one of his choises (i never smelled it). thanks for your time!


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