Stéphane Archambault, Liv Tyler Love To Wear..... {What Celebrities Wear} {The 5th Sense in the News}



As we peruse the press we sometimes happen on mentions of what celebrities wear as perfume or makeup. We thought it would be fun to jot down some notes along the way.

Stéphane Archambault, a singer and actor (Mambo Italiano) from Quebec, is a self-confessed perfume addict....

He says that he can sometimes spend a full hour in a perfume aisle testing fragrances. The perfumes he wears most often are Gucci Rush, Zirh Corduroy, and Dior Homme. He is always on the look-out for a new fragrance.

Liv Tyler's mascara is Givenchy Eye Fly which is very black, the way she likes it. She takes care to put it only on the upper lashes.

Sources: Cyberpress, Madame Figaro


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