Muguet by Guerlain, 2007 Edition {Fragrance News}



Each year since 1998, Guerlain releases a new edition of Muguet to celebrate the First of May. In France, people traditionally exchange lilies of the valley on that day when one can suddenly see buckets full of the delicate white bells patterning a city's streets.....

Muguet, a green floral, will be available for just one day on April 28th. The composition is the same as in years past, but the flacon is different. In 2007, the flacon is made of a rare crystal that was exceptionally created for Guerlain by the Verrerie Royale de Romesnil which used to be Louis XVI's glass factory before being a supplier for the perfume house. They are closed now, but Guerlain had kept the tools and molds necessary to have the flacon reproduced and so they did for a limited time.

Muguet will be available in a 20 ml flacon for 200 Euros. 

Sources: Parfumeessence, Guerlain

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  1. Bonjour Chere Marie-Helene,
    This new Guerlain Muguet really appeals to the hedonist in me. I just visited Bergdorf Goodman's Guerlain Boutique @ the NYC Sniffapalooza. Wonderful.
    I am curious about this Muguet. Is it available At BG ?
    Also, I've been meaning to write to you this past week. I sampled 2 gorgeous new Guerlains... Iris Ganache and the SEnsual Oils Garden., Both are beautifyl.
    Iris Ganache is very warm , floral top note which dries down to a vanilla-hazelnut aroma. The sensual oil - was the most compelling fragrance I sampled anywhere.
    I think the cost is $200 - Iris Ganache - and about $370 for the Sensual Oil
    Here's to Guerlain - they are really creative in delivering quality and beauty .

    Madelyn E
  2. Dear Madelyn,

    I am glad to hear the new Sensual Garden is outstanding. If it's really that good, then the price will appear very worthwhile.

    About BG, I'd need to call them.


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