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Michèle Gay is a self-described "culinary creator" who offers a range of products centering on the arts of the table that build a bridge between cuisine and perfumery. Her concept is called Parfums de Table (Perfumes for the Table). If her approach taps into a branch of gastronomy that is very trendy today yet remains original within the contemporary context, it is not entirely novel.......

In fact, the idea behind her line of "Poudres de Sucre" (Powders of Sugar) which is to mix a fragrant raw material with sugar to give an unusual aroma and taste to it can be found in 17th century recipe books where it is advised to mix some musk grains with sugar and let them sit together to scent the latter.

The rediscovery of this tradition has led her to create a line of scented sugars which includes five items perfumed with myrrh, incense, patchouli, neroli, or saffron. These can be added to a fruit salad, yoghurt, coffee, tea, meats, anything really that strikes your fancy and makes you want to experiment with new associations of aromas.

Her 2006/2007 collection offers even more complex compositions. For example, her creation "Pomme D'Ambre" is composed of ingredients like myrrh, incense, nutmeg, clove blossom, cinnamon, and cardamom seed powdered with Damascan rose.

All her ingredients are 100% natural and made in the artisanal tradition.

You can find more information on her website: 

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