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Sean "P Diddy" Combs is launching a feminine counterpart to his best-seller fragrance Unforgivable for Men. The new perfume is called Unforgivable for Women by Sean John. It was created by perfumer David Apel and is described as a sensual creamy floral containing top notes of bergamot, orange, neroli, cassis, grapefruit, apple, cucumber, piña colada and orange flower; the heart is of jasmine, violet, muguet, freesia and cyclamen, and the drydown is of amber, tonka beans, coco de mer and vanilla tears mixed with cedar, sandalwood, oak moss, patchouli, vetiver and iris.....

Combs is once again proposing a sulferous advertising campaign replete with sexual inuendos. Well actually more than that, as the hints appear pretty explicit. 

"She's strong, she's into fashion, a woman who is sensual and passionate, and a quiet woman. A woman who picks the words that she chooses carefully, and when she speaks, she says what she means. She'd rather wear nothing before she wears something different every day. She finds a fragrance she loves and she sticks to it, and it's part of her lifestyle." [....]

"We're going to go with a full shot, where you'll see me grabbing her from behind," [...] "My hand is in between her legs. I'm in a hallway with her — it's like, I met her in a bar, and we didn't make it to the hotel [room]. The ad really gives you almost a fly-on-the-wall view of something happening that is a little risqué."

To be part of that fantasy you just need to buy the fragrance. "Two sizes of the scent, an eau de toilette, will be offered: a 2.5-oz. version for $55 and a 4.2-oz. size for $75. The bottle is a feminine version of the men's bottle, sprayed in a rose gold hue, Combs' favorite color. The scents will be on counter in August, while ancillaries are planned for spring 2008..."

Source: Women's Wear Daily 

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  1. my girlfriend loved the unforgivable for men so much that she bought it for me....so i think i'll surprise her with this because she doesn't look for new and upcoming fragrances like i do.

    this, however, hopefully, isn't another run-of-the-mill fruity floral scents for women. its like the perfume industry is running out of ideas for the women. or am i not searching well enough because i'm not a woman LOL

  2. Well I guess you can pin your hopes on the pina colada note:)

  3. yeah that is the determining factor. LOL pina colada. not sure if that will smell good on skin, even though the drink smells good in a glass! ;)

  4. It's HOT 2 DEATH! And I Will Wear It EXCLUSIVELY!

  5. This is one of the Best smellin perfumes i have ever bought, if not the best....when i read the scents above i couldnt believe it, because its smells more like a "straight out of the shower Fresh smell" its kind of a light sent. Its great


    bby gurl
  7. Sean “Diddy” Combs was sued on Wednesday (Jan. 28) by a glass artist who claims the hip-hop mogul’s design for his “Unforgivable” cologne bottle is a rip off.

    The Boston Globe reports that Tom Patti filed a suit against the rapper in Springfield, Mass claiming that the sleek, plastic crate that Diddy used to house his cologne is a knock off of the glass sculptures he made in the 80s.

    “A couple of years ago, my phone started ringing,” the 65-year-old artist told the Globe. “Everywhere I went, people started congratulating me on the success of my fragrance container. I didn’t know what they were talking about. Eventually, I realized that Combs had replicated my work.”

    Patti hopes that by taking legal action he will stop the sale of any more bottles of the cologne and “wants all profits to be traceable to the alleged copyright infringement.” – Elan Mancini


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