Truffles, Black and White {The 5th Sense in the News}


Here's a great article on truffles. Truffle accords are also used in perfumery such as in Une Rose by Frederic Malle, Black Orchid and Noir de Noir (black truffle) by Tom Ford, and Sienne L'Hiver (white truffle) by Eau d'Italie Le Sirenuse.

"Both Black Périgord and White Alba truffles can transform what would otherwise be a mere culinary masterpiece into a quasi mystical dining experience.[...].......

The Italian composer and bon vivant Gioachino Rossini confessed having cried three times as an adult: when they booed his first opera, when he heard Paganini play violin, and when he saw a truffled turkey fall overboard during a boating party. His emotional engagement with truffles is shared by Alexandre Dumas, who called them le saint des saints de la table, the holy of holies of the table, and Collette, who said “if one can not have too many truffles, one does without them.”........

Truffles from Yacht Charters Magazine

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