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Shedonism is the latest perfume by Origins and is inspired by a Tahitian ceremony centering on a Tiare blossom. "On the fabled tropical island of Tahiti, the “society of she” is still celebrated with playful passion. There the women wear a fragrant, snow-white Tiaré blossom that holds a special meaning. According to tradition, when the flower is worn behind the left ear, it says her love is taken. Worn on the opposite ear, it means her heart is fancy free. And when she waves the Tiare behind her head, it signals "Follow me"."If you like tiare and beachy scents, then Shedonism might be a good option. It is not original by any means, but is a good functional summery skin scent that is to be used as a mist.......

Notes are Tahitian Tiare, jasmine, sweet petit grain mandarin, bergamot, and basil.

The perfume develops as a very lush tropical concoction with slightly marine and salty accents counterbalancing the sweetness.  Even the coconut notes in it feel slightly savory and invite you to lick your arm, metaphorically speaking. The fresh opening notes are followed by a very creamy white tropical flower heart. The development is non-dramatic and discrete, evolving from fresh to floral-creamy, to woody-amberey, the latter evoking tanning lotions only more flowery and fruity as the mandarin and tuberose and jasmine are quite perceptible. The drydown is further slightly drier and woodsy and the bottom note offers more transparent and clean nuances of jasmine tea. More sensitive noses might at times be bothered by some nuances bordering on the chemical, but overall the illusion of a tropical garden by the sea is successfully maintained.

Shedonism is a simple flirty scent that invites relaxation and a carefree attitude. It can be both sensual and sporty. Lasting power is average to below average as it is a mist. A somewhat more complex and lasting but also more expensive alternative is Ensoleille-Moi by jeweler André Gas which is also based on Monoï tiare.

You can purchase the scent online at Origins, $42.50 for a 50 ml flacon.

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  1. i bought this for my g.f. and she likes it. i don't konw if she actually liked it as much as i did but she liked it...maybe because it was free!! LOL

    it smells sexy and unlike anything she already has.

  2. It definitely can work as a sexy skin scent.

  3. Just bought some because it is light and quite nice scent to wear at work. And I don't like florals! Also bought the body cream to make the scent last longer. The cream is a bit heavy, and I may save it for colder weather. I found that the spray works quite well with the Aveda body creams to extend the scent and compliment both.

  4. Good to know! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Definitely a good option for a nice tropical scent.

  5. Now I have to try Shedonism - last Christmas one of my friends bought me a bottle of Origins perfume, quite floral in a subtle magenta pink bottle. My encounters with perfume prior to that were limited to the very rich and saccharine Oriental scents such as Tresor so I was reluctant to give it a shot at first, but fell in love with the soft blend of notes which reminds me of chrysanthemum tea. Now that Origins has a new perfume, I suppose it lists as a must try.


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