New Exhibition at the Christian Dior Museum: 60 Années Hautes En Couleurs {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


The Musée Christian Dior à Granville is organizing a new exhibition celebrating the 60 years of the fashion house and the 10 years of the museum. The exhibit is called 60 Années Hautes En Couleur (60 Colorful Years). It will run from May 13 to September 23 2007 (the information is not yet up on the site).....

More than 80 haute couture models will be exhibited illustrating 9 colors: red, lilac, pink, grey, black, white, blue, green, and golden. Christian Dior has said himself that his childhood house, in which the museum is now located, had played an instrumental role in his creative process later in life.

In the winter garden, one will be able to discover the history of the Dior makeup and fragrances. Perfume workshops are organized on Wednesdays to help one explore the universe of Christian Dior fragrances. Sessions take place in the Dior family's study and include getting familiar with a perfume organ, its notes on display, basic techniques of perfumery, fragrance history and the history of particular Dior perfumes.

To make a reservation you can call this number: 02 33 61 48 21

Sources: Le Matin, Musée Christian Dior

Photo is of last year's exhibit, Christian Dior et le Monde

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