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Artisan perfumer Laurie Stern now has a retail website for her brand of natural botanical perfumes, Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery:

"Hearkening back to ancient apothecary and romantic aesthetics, all of Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery's natural, botanical perfumes unleash a multi- sensory experience for the wearer. Delicate scents are hand blended in small caches using the most precious floral essences and extraordinary oils, such as narcissus flower and violet leaf....

Once infused with an organic grape alcohol or jojoba base, these evocative perfumes are housed in vintage style French crystal bottles or custom jewel-topped sterling silver boxes. The perfumery, much like a boutique winery, produces a private label collection that features limited edition vintages swathed in luxurious packaging. Whimsical, ornate labels featuring the perfumery's namesake cats adorn perfume labels, and each offering comes in a silk pouch, decorated with velvet flowers or rhinestone buckles, and its own Victorian scent card.

Using flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, honey and aromatic woods both imported and grown in her Bay Area "Perfumer's Garden," Stern innovates high- end scents for both men and women. Constantly innovating and experimenting in her garden laboratory, Stern creates unique, delicately blended scents. Tasmania's rare boronia and Indian tuberose create an aromatic marriage in the perfumery's Songbird fragrance, and the Narcissus Poeticus line features exotic flowers such as Chinese osmanthus. Other lines originate from native plants, such as the alluring bouquet of geranium and citrus trees in the perfumery's Terrain cologne, created by Stern for her husband, landscape architect Gary Lazar."

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