The 5 Top-Sellers Amongst New Launches in the US Prestige Fragrance Market in 2006 {Fragrance News}


According to the US market-research group NPD, the top five best-selling perfumes of 2006 amongst new launches were, in decreasing order of success:

• Sean John Unforgivable (with a large lead)

• Vera Wang Princess...

• Juicy Couture

• Euphoria Men

• Polo Double Black

Men's perfumes are becoming increasingly popular, which does not surprise us as we think that they have become greater objects of developing care. Their images have become more complex and they attract also because they help define gender identities in more modern ways.

Source: Cosmetic News

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  1. Which only serves to remind me more that I really really really have to win the lottery and open a perfume boutique just so I will have something to do during the day and to corrupt people with odder scents. That being said, there is one guy in my office who pulls off the original Polo Black with great aplomb - it is just olifactory nirvana really.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. Yes, exactly. And the contrary exists too: great compositions that fall flat on someone's body chemistry:)


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