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Thierry Mugler is launching a body care set based on the fragrance Alien. It is called Rituel Prodige (Prodigious Ritual) and comprises a perfumed body oil concentrated at 5% and a dazzling gold-colored wax. If you want to approximate the look of the Bond girl in Gold Finger and smell of big white flowers on top of that, well your fantasy is about to come true.

The 125 ml perfumed oil and the 6 g gold wax will retail for 59 Euros. 


Source: Osmoz 

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  1. I just bought the wax online but don't know how to use it, and the sales man told me it's body cream... well, it seems really like massage oil, does it need wash up after applying?

  2. I haven't tried this product so I cannot speak about it first-hand, but I would think that it is meant to penetrate the skin. If there is any residue, you could just use tissue to wipe off the excess oil.

  3. Finally got to try it!

    The wax is easy to apply on skin, feel like apply bodyshop lip balm, and it's not with gold powder as I thought before, but small pieces of gold foil- it makes you "sparkle". only it stays on skin not very firmly, and easy to warp away.

    well, I didn't get the scents of the perfume, only the wax smell.


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