Origins Calm To Your Senses (2014) {Beauty & Olfaction - Face - Hair - Body}

calm_senses_origins.jpg Origins have added two new products to their beauty range called Calm To Your Senses, which relies on aromatherapy to encourages your skin into relaxing and hence getting free of wrinkles due to crispation...

The Face Mask ($30) is made with Buckbean and St. Paul's Wort extract which are said to have an effect on "tense, clenched skin", while chamomile and lavender ease mental tension.

origins_calm_senses_hair_mask.jpg The Hair Mask ($25) includes ingredients such as Peruvian Amaranth, calming Meadowfoam and conditioning Safflower Oils. It is scented with 100% natural Lavender Oil known as a centuries-old natural tranquillizer for the mood and is good in general for keeping your hair clean and fresh-smelling.

Scenting hair is one of the best ways to benefit personally from a perfumed sillage as it diffuses very well around the person.

The already pre-existing Body Soufflé ($32) has a note of comfort thanks to vanilla. Other ingredients include Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel.

Greats-smelling bath and body products can be a real joy. They are simple, unsung heroes of our daily lives and ablutions. Their positive impact cannot be underestimated when they are well chosen and qualitative, which we cannot vouch for at this point in time. You tell us.

We also think it's a wholesome approach to try to use lavender and chamomile essential oils rather than Botox.

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