Okaïdi are Launching 4 Cubic Perfumes for Children (2014) {New Kids Fragrances}

okaidi_ora_ito_bowigo.jpg French ready-made fashion wear for children Okaïdi are launching a collection of 4 perfumes in December 2014 called Good, Optimism, Energy and Dream, whose playful and innovative packaging is signed by designer Ora Ïto...

Inspired by his own childhood, the flacons made out of silicone for tactile pleasure and ease of prehension, recreate the traditional games of playing blocks.

Good, coded blue, is meant for boys primarily. It is an aquatic, fresh and tonic eau de toilette with notes of bergamot, grapefruit, watermelon and white cedarwood.

Dream, color-coded a turquoise blue, is for girls. Notes are lemon, red apple, raspberry, almond blossom, vanilla and confectioner's sugar.

Optimism, in yellow, is for girls too. Notes are orange, mango, nectarine and vanilla.

Energy in pink is the third eau de toilette for girls in the lineup. Notes are cassis, lemon, raspberry, lychee, and vanilla.

Okaidi_ora_ito_optimism.jpg The debut collection interestingly reflects the biases of the adult perfume market which is strongly slanted towards their feminine constituencies. The boys perfume is even labeled an aquatic, a dominant category in the men's perfumery aisles.

The question we can ask is: wouldn't it have been more interesting to devise 4 unisex perfumes so as not to close minds at such a tender age? Boys, we can wager, like raspberry and vanilla too. Girls like woods and water too.

A more sophisticated and less stereotypical approach would have been to take the route of "smells" rather than formulas of perfumery where vanilla is for girls and woods are for boys.

Why so soon? The Okaidi perfume blocks look playful but are certainly not so innocent.

Price: 14,99€

Via Bowigo

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