Promod Love Les Paillettes Dorées & Love Les Paillettes Argentées (2014) {New Perfumes}

promod_paillettes_dorees.jpg Fast fashion store chain Promod have introduced a duo of fragrances for the Holidays which are also misting makeup products for the body called Love Les Paillettes Dorées and Love Les Paillettes Argentées...

Love Les Paillettes Dorées eau de toilette has notes of citruses, meltingly soft pear, rose, jasmine and a lightly powdery heart.

Promod_edt_paillettes_argentees.jpg Love Les Paillettes Argentées edt features mandarin, bergamot and tart red fruits.

The first blend contains gold glitter while the second one offers silvery glitter to be sprayed onto the skin. The effect is very fine.

"Shake well before use" is the advice the brand gives.

Prices: 14,95€ for 50 ml and 7,95€ for 15 ml.

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