Ladurée Mini Crème Main Trio (2015) {Sensory: New Scented Beauty Products - Hands}

ladurée_creme_mains.jpg Pastry brand Ladurée have introduced a new mini scented trio of hand-creams called Mini Crème Main Trio in Les Merveilleuses range to offer a more diversified range of olfactory pleasures all found in one neat packaging...

trio_main_merveilleuses.jpg The coffret contains 3 x 25 g tubes of hand-cream: Orange Flower, Rose and Roudoudou. The names are self-explanatory except for the last one which is a French word alluding to a comfort toy or blanket - or sometimes both as in the case of bunnies holding a towel - for children.

laduree_roudoudou.jpg Roudoudou is scented with an impression of dragée (bitter almonds with an outer shell made of vanilla-scented sugar).

The formulation contains Squalene, Jojoba, and honeysuckle.

MSRP: 46€

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