Diptyque Eau Plurielle & Rosafolia: Of Ivy & Roses (2015) {New Perfume; Sensory: Home Fragrance}


French niche brand Diptyque have introduced a new fragrance called Eau Plurielle, a reference to its multipurpose function, as well as a new scented candle called Rosafolia...

The scent, which integrates the house permanent collection, is subtitled "Eau parfumée multiusage / Multi-use Fragrance"

It is the link, the connection that delicately perfumes both skin and fabric, the body and all the materials that encompass it.

In short, this is a fragrance which can sprayed onto yourself, your clothes, and your household linen.

Its scent evokes cleanliness, with a few naturalistic twists,

Its light mist is reminiscent of the scent of fresh linen that has long been laid on a bed of ivy and Turkish roses. A few seductive hesperidia notes introduce the accord, while musk and wood give it strength and staying power.

Notes: Ivy, Turkish roses, citruses, musks, woods.

Available in 200 ml.

rosa_folia.jpeg Rosafolia is a new scented candle offering a renewed interpretation of the rose theme while reprising the ivy-rose accord of Eau Plurielle,

A scented candle whose verdure, enhanced by a touch of galbanum, is gracefully diffused at the heart of Turkish rose absolute, the softness of petals sharpened by the understated vitality from a hint of geranium.

Notes: galbanum, Turkish rose absolute, geranium, ivy.

Available in 190 g.

Via Selfridges & co.; PhilStar.com; John Lewis.

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