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Another celebrity fragrance is in the making. This time it will promote the image of Coleen McLoughlin, the fiancée of British footballer Wayne Rooney. I am pretending I am familiar with them, but I just learned about their existences today. The celebrity perfume marketing is already working its magic.

What Coleen McLoughlin says about the making of the perfume is revelatory of a sped-up perfume creation process it seems. A little visit to Grasse et voilà!....... 

"I went to the south of France last week to test the different scents at the factory where my perfume's being made," she said.

"My idea was for a fresh, citrusy scent, so we narrowed it down and I took four samples home to test them on my family and friends.

"It's a really wearable, everyday fragrance. Now I'm working on the bottle designs. My own style is quite girly, so I'd like it to reflect that. I want it to be quite simple, nothing too fussy or over the top. Then I'll just have to choose a name!"

These four samples better be good....but then one might ask again, does it matter really? A decent juice, a decent bottle, and the blinding charisma of a star is all you need to feel like you are wearing the scent of the year. Let's not complicate our lives unduly and shall we say, let's sniff the moment with Coleen!


Photo is from South Asian Women's Forum

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  1. Do you ever wonder, if perhaps the large fragrance houses have an inventory of rejects or rejected mods that they store with the formulae. Then when some bright new shooting star wants an eponymous fragrance, they pull the flasks out of the storage room and send to full production the one s/he (or their publicist) chooses?

    Ya know..I really need to make myself another tin hat. I'm wearing this one out.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. Fragrant Funster,

    Very good intuition. You are absolutely right. This is exactly what they might do and it has happened more than once in the annals of perfumery:) Joy, Ombre Rose, Tabu are famous examples of that practice.

  3. No kidding?! That is something of perfume history I did not know! I count a day as good when I have learned something new; so thanks to you it is officially a good day. And now I need to find a good book on the history of modern perfumery. Any recommendations for someone who reads only English?

    Fragrant Funster
  4. This information is in Michael Edwards Perfume Legends (and elsewhere, but it's concentrated there). I think it's a very good introduction to perfume history and marketing background. It will not necessarily help you develop a mystique for perfumes as you discover without ambiguities that perfumes are created in a very derivative manner, but it's a page-turner. Also, I think it would have been good if he had clarified why he picked those perfumes and not others as his book tends to give the impression of forming a perfume canon. The downside is that it is pricey. Try your library or inter-library loan maybe.


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