Daisy by Marc Jacobs {New Perfume}


Marc Jacobs, after the success of Marc Jacobs (2001) - his fragrance based on gardenia and aimed at thirthy-something women - is now thinking about their younger counterparts, and will propose a new fragrance called Daisy, a flower he sees as a symbol of happiness and youthfulness. The designer is however quick to add that age is more a matter of spirit than of biological and social determination.

The scent was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas of Firmenich.....

Marc Jacobs said,

"I don't want to get too artsy about inspiration, but there is a sense memory, a reference, in fragrances," [...]"Daisies don't smell, but I wanted to evoke the feeling that you get when you see them -- happy and youthful. My gardenia and jasmine scents [Marc Jacobs for women and Blush Marc Jacobs, respectively] are more singular and definitely more 'designer' scents. I don't want to say they're older, but they're more sophisticated."

The new scent is described as a sparkling floral with top notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit; a heart of gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals, and a drydown of musk, vanilla infusion and white woods.

The scent is due out in August and the advertising campaign will start in September of 2007. Irena K is the model for the ad.

The collection includes eaux de toilette in two sizes, a 1.7-oz. bottle for $55 and 3.4-oz. version for $70; a 5-oz. body lotion for $32; a 5-oz. shower gel for $30, and a 5-oz. Velvet Body Butter for $35.

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