Kenzoki Ice-Cubes by Kenzo {New Perfume}



Kenzo has come up with the interesting proposition of freezing one's perfume so as to generate new sensations on the skin when applying it. If you were already in the habit of doing this with your skin lotion, that may not sound as revolutionary, but as far as marketed  perfumes are concerned, it is a first........

Kenzoki is presented like an ice-cube tray with 12 different compartments to be sled into the freezer. The perfume is based on a lactonic accord of milk and steamed rice. Moreover, it aims like the Lavanila trio of perfumes to provide some healthy supplements in the forms of essential oils and mineral salts.

A box of 12 scented ice-cubes retails for 23 Euros.

Source: Osmoz 

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  1. MH, you consistently come up with the most interesting news! Often, I can't find your great news bits anywhere else. Thanks.

  2. Anya,

    Thanks for noticing:) We often try to do a little further digging:)

  3. Hi Marie-helene,

    This is very interesting! It is rare that I can form a successful relationship with a Kenzo perfume but this little oddity sounds like a comforting treat that I'd really like to try. Do you perhaps know if they will be made available in Europe and when? Thank you!


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