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As previously announced, Hermès is preparing to launch a major feminine scent this summer (it is starting to sound more and more major to me) called Kelly Calèche. Women's Wear Daily offers new details about the idea behind the perfume........

The in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena had always wanted to create a leather fragrance for Hermès, in keeping with their saddlery heritage. Kelly Calèche is inspired by their finest leathers, skins that are redolent of floral notes such as those of mimosa, narcissus, iris and lily of the valley.

Ellena was also inspired by a passage from writer Jean Giono's Jean Le Bleu "in which the narrator speaks of his departed father, a cobbler, as "making soles in angel leather."

"Jean-Claude wanted to do a floral leather," [...] To that end, Ellena combined notes of iris, mimosa, tuberose and climbing rose to create Kelly Calèche."

The fragrance will first be unveiled at the new Wall Street Hermès store on June 21st 2007 and will be distributed more widely in other Hermès stores in August. In the US, it will also be available in high-end specialty stores.

The best part is that all this marvelousness is that the new scent will be available at very reasonable prices. "The new fragrance's lineup includes a 50-ml. eau de toilette spray for $75, a 100-ml. edt spray for $110, a 200-ml. body lotion for $65, a 200-ml. bath and shower gel for $45 and a 100-ml. spray deodorant for $40. Prices are for the U.S."

Source: Women's Wear Daily

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  1. So, my dear-

    Is that YOU in those leather britches ?

    I hope this is as lovely as it sounds, and not an anaemic Caleche 'lite'.

    I can never have enough Bel Ami...

  2. Chaya,

    Love this ad. It's very striking and is an echo of the Amazon theme, a fragrance I used to love to wear.

  3. Oooooohhhh.....Hermes, saddles, Ellena, Caleche, making soles in angel leather.....

    It sounds more exciting by the minute.

    What a trip! Thanks!

  4. Ooooh...sounds great! As far as I know I'm not near any "high-end specialty stores" (it's entirely likely that they are so exclusive I've never heard of them/bothered with them), but still - sounds great!

  5. Yes, the ad does put the Crazy Horse Saloon name in a different perspective... I'm starting to get quite impatient to smell this new release, and am attempting to "visualize" it in my brain-nose... How strongly dosed the iris? Will the tuberose have the minty-camphory punch of the absolute or will it be treated with a transparent hand? And the mimosa, with its strange cold/sweet/animalic facets? And the leather? I suppose it will be soft and buttery (à la Cuir de Russie/ Daim Blond)... Ah, questions...

  6. Helg,

    It sounds so poetic. I am a litte concerned about the price now, not out of snobbery, but because perfume houses have recently been signalling to consumers that below a certain price point we cannot expect anything really exceptional. I was recently re-sniffing Terre d'Hermès and I thought that it smelled a bit harsh and chemical.

  7. Abigail,

    It does sound great. The publicity build-up is very good. I'm sure you could call the Wall Street store and mail order from them. Also, keep an eye on eBay; bottles do show up.

  8. Carmen,

    It makes me dream personally in the direction of an ancient peau d'Espagne, a pair of scented leather gloves embroidered with silk and left abandoned in the attic of an old mansion. Its leather would still be faintly scented with traces of civet, musk, indoles, and the leather would be so soft. I wore SMN Peau D'Espagne yesterday after reading about the details of Kelly Calèche. But the saloon girl idea, which I place more in the Far West, is great and brings a ditty to one's mind:)


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