Wanderlust, Lazy Love, & Lullaby Super-Fumes by Perfume of Life + Mother's Day GWP {New Perfumes} {Shopping Tip}



Jeffrey Dame's official motto could be or perhaps is "The quest for perfume perfection never ends." Three new perfumes have been created by the founder and owner of Irma Shorell and the Perfume of Life forum as a result of this never-ending quest. They are called Wanderlust, Lazy Love, and Lullaby. The scents are lyrically described as being "Intensely beautiful with a preponderance of costly natural florals and rare earthly extracts."........

Visit the site for complete descriptions of the scents. Each retails for $18.50. Until Mother's Day on May 13th included, a Gift With Purchase of a $45 value will be included for a minimum purchase of $18.50. The GWP includes 6 Irma Shorell recreations of retro classics based on authentic formulas.

The Luxury Six Perfume Bouquet contains:

-Madeleine Mono's Madeleine de Madeleine eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz
-Tuvache Oh! de London eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz
-Replique eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz
-Sortilege eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz
-Ecusson eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz
-Casaque eau de toilette 0.13 fl oz


Limit of 1 gift per customer  and offer valid until supplies last.

Source: Irma Shorell  

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  1. Can someone please let me know how and where I can purchase the three perfumes, Wanderlust, Lullaby and Lazy Love?

    I see the cost and the add for these on here, but no link to let me know where to buy.

    Thank you in advance.


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