Tom Ford's Fragrance Chamber {Scented Image} {The 5th Sense in the News}


The New York Times has an article on the new Tom Ford flagship store. Horacio Silva recounts the charming welcome he received from the employees of the store. So much so that he does not hesitate to write:.......

"You have to laugh. An unintentionally hilarious parody of a pretentious Madison Avenue boutique, the store reeks of arriviste Anglophilic posturing dressed up as aristocratic gentlemanly refinement. For all the preopening ballyhoo about the it’s-all-about-you customization and details like buttons on trouser cuffs so that your butler can brush away the remains of the day — at last! — the reality is more akin to a luxury store in a second-tier market during the mid-’90s." Ouch! The perfumes are covered in one sentence but there is a view of the octogonal fragrance chamber.

No Store Is A Hero To Its Valet

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