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As previously announced, Mane has launched Yu ("rain" in Chinese), one of the most expensive fragrances available on the market today at $5000. It was composed by nose Cecile Krakower of Mane.

Only 500 bottles of the scent were produced and are currently available at Bergdorf Goodman. It will also be for sale at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong starting this summer and in select Nordstrom stores in the fall.......

A technique dubbed "Jungle Essence" was used. It involves using a portable pressurized canister and solvent to conveniently extract essences of plants in the field.

"The heart of Yu features accords like champaca and genet, both of which were collected using the jungle essence method. The same method was used to collect the scent's top notes of African freesia and Asian mandarin tree leaf. Other top notes include bergamot, tangerine, orange flower and ylang-ylang. Rosewood oil is included in the heart and base notes include vetiver, sandalwood and vanilla."

The 500 g crystal bottle was created by Brosse and is freely inspired by organic forms found in nature. 

Source: Women's Wear Daily 

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  1. This escalation of prices is getting ridiculous by the minute.
    Cecile Kracoware did some nice things with Zita and L'heure magique, but *that* capable of producing a 5000$ scent?!?

    And doesn't the bottle verge dangerously close to that of Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist? Although it is very beautiful, to be honest.

  2. Helg,

    It would be of course interesting to know what their margin of benefit is. Of course, a significant proportion of that price is to cover the costs of the limited edition crystal bottle.

    I would expect the perfume itself to smell particularly exquisite but it's true that since many very good perfumes are so much less expensive, I don't know if we would feel such a qualitative jump as seemed suggested by the price.

    I think it would have been nice to have a crystal dabber inside the flacon to make it even more special-looking.

  3. i'd buy it....as soon as i get that promotion! :)

    it sounds like wonderful notes in it and they probably are perfectly faceted and blended but this is out of my league...too bad :(


  4. a bottle that 's taken from Feminite du Bois design by Serge Lutens - how uncreative and lame is this!

    voyageuse imaginaire
  5. Kennyken,

    Let's call it "a truly aspirational scent", LOL! Actually it's a bargain compared to some others.

  6. Voyageuse Imaginaire,

    One has to acknowledge that tradition plays an important role in perfumery. It also makes marketing sense apparently although the paradox is that wildly successful perfumes like Poison and Angel made it by breaking away from the pack, in terms of flacon designs too.

    I think that the YU flacon does not aim at being original really but rather beautiful and suggestive of nature.

  7. The stuff smells like a clean bathroom to me. Wouldn't be interested even if it cost $5, but then to each their own...

  8. Thanks Arhianrad for your candid feedback:)

  9. to keep from being totally negative about this one, i'd just have to say "to each their own." imagine saving up for this. ;)

  10. Helg,

    I agree with you 100%.

    Lord knows I take second place to nobody in my absolute addiction to perfumes ... but $5,000 for a bottle? Why do I suspect that this has more to do with status symbol than with true love of scents? I can alreay envision the likes of Victoria Beckam (the epitome of nouveau riche vulgarity, in my book) stumbling over herself to make sure everybody knows she has a bottle of this juice.

    No, as you wisely say, this escalation of prices is becoming ridiculous. I hope perfume will not become something exclusively for the Beautiful People, while perfume-lovers-on-a-budget like myself have to stick to Vanilla Fields(rolleyes).

    I'm not bitter, honestly. Simply outraged.

  11. Hello, I am writing to You from "EL" magazine. We want to post information about YU MANE fragrance in new edtion of our journal, but I couldn`t find a photo with high resolution in internet. Would You be so kind to send me a photo with high resolution to my e-mail address.
    Thank You

  12. Hi,

    I don't have any other picture of Yu. It might be best to contact Mane:



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