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There is an article by Lesley Thomas in the Telegraph offering a list of Father's Day fragrance suggestions. I loved the anecdote about Pour Un Homme de Caron:......


"The sexy, musky, 70-year-old Pour un Homme from Caron, another great perfume house (£35, at Harrods and Fenwick), was a favourite of Charles de Gaulle and Tom Ford wears it now. I'm told that French paratroopers traditionally favoured this fragrance but would customise it by dropping in a Gauloise for a final tobacco note." Who would have guessed the French paratroopers were into tincturing? (please note there are no cigs in the pack because it's bad for your health!)

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Pic is from Super Frenchie

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  1. Cant agree more with the incredible 250 year old leather legend, Royal English Leather. Pomegranate Noir is a recent find of mine and its great stuff !

  2. They should prepackage the Pour un Homme with a French paratrooper. I'd hit it. I'd even supply the Gauloise.....

    Fragrant Funster

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