M by Mariah Carey {New Fragrance}


Mariah Carey just launched her new fragrance which just bears her initial M. It is described as a floriental and was created with perfumer Carlos Benaïm of IFF.

The notes are a bit surprising and interesting. They convey the idea that they are there for a reason because they do not sound like immediately recognizable logical associations: "It has top notes of marshmallow and sea breeze accord, a heart of Living Tahitian Tiare and gardenia and a drydown of sheer amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense."......

"An eau de parfum spray, M by Mariah Carey will be available in three sizes: 1 oz. for $38, 1.7 oz. for $48 and 3.3 oz. for $58. A 0.5-oz. parfum, $175, and a 6.7-oz. body lotion, $28, also will be sold.

The bottle, created by Arden's Jean Antretter, is a lavender glass orb with a subtle wave design and a silver rope-patterned neck. The cap is topped by Carey's signature butterfly. The outer carton features fluttering butterflies, with a front panel that opens to reveal the fragrance."

(Source: Women's Wear Daily) 

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  1. The bottle is stunning! I would buy it for the bottle alone, whether it smells wonderful or not.

  2. marshmallow and sea breeze accord? that is quite different from the norm of mixtures but that only makes it more interesting to want to try.

  3. Where can i purchase it?

  4. It will be available in stores worldwide starting September 2007.

  5. I love mariah carey! I was so excited to find out that she has her own perfume! my 15th birthday is coming up in 2days... hopefully i'll get it. i love mariah!

  6. This is great! Now I can feel Mariah closer using her perfume. It smells delicious and the stunning bottle completes it. Thanks Mariah....

  7. WOW Mariah rocks, always new, fresh and wonderful...I'm buying the fragrance ASAP. awsome Mariah....Always!!

  8. this smells GREAT!!! i have the sample which i got from the website for free (though its really stupid because it is made in france, shipped to switzerland, then came all the way to australia just for me.. for free..)
    well it smells delicious and i would TOTALLY recommend it.

  9. Do you really have to be naked to sell a perfume?

  10. i agree the ad for the perfume is a bit much, but shes a great singer so i dont feel like she uses sex to sell her music like a lot of other "singers"

    but the perfume is great! i love it because its very subtle but people have been complimenting me like crazy!

  11. This is a beautiful fragrance. It has become one of my favs. Don't let the 'marshmallow' scare you. I always get compliments when I wear it & everyone mentions.. vanilla? Then I say "no" actually "marshmallow"..kinda fun to wear =)

  12. oh my god i have smell't this perfume and i am absolutly in love with the scent its availible at macys go get it ull love it!!!!!!! i purchased the lotion but the perfume is 100% better!

  13. labai skaniai kvepiantys kvepalai ;))

  14. Hello, Labas,

    I believe you are talking to us in Lithuanian...is there someone who can translate around?


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