Eaux Magiques Keep Lucky: 3 Lucky-Charm Fragrances {New Perfumes}



People often talk about the magic (lost or found again) of perfumes. Some fragrances such as Florida Water or Kananga Water are technically used in Vodoo rituals. Now someone is thinking that perfumes can be worn like little lucky charms. Keep Lucky, a brand specializing in lucky-charm jewelry originating from cultures all over the world, from Guatemala to Japan, which are exclusively distributed by Marionnaud.fr (and on their own site), has now come up with three new fragrances that are meant to bring you good luck......

They are called L'Eau Envoûtante Pour l'Amour (The Spell-binding Eau for Love) with notes of vanilla and praline, L'Eau Bénéfique Pour Le Succès (The Beneficial Eau for Succes) with notes of musk and fruits, and L'Eau Bienfaisante Pour Le Bonheur (The Benevolent Eau for Happiness) which includes notes of bergamot, strawberry, and violet.

They retail 28 Euros for a flacon of 50 ml.  

(Sources: Madame Figaro, Keep Lucky) 

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