Frédéric Malle is Looking for First Storefront in the US {Fragrance News}

Frédéric Malle is reported to be on the hunt for the perfect stand-alone store in New York city and has been scouring the big apple for six months now. And by the way Bois d'Orage will be available no sooner than October it seems although I had been previously told by their PR that it would launch in the US in June.

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  1. This news, plus your delightful piece on Bruno Jamais, once again reminds me of the necessity of winning the lottery soon - so I can go on a month long scent and fine dining bender in NYC.

    And again, just saying that I really do love your blog and writing style.

    Fragrant Funster
  2. That is very nice of you to say that Fragrant Funster.I was delighted for our readers to receive this offer from Bruno Jamais.

  3. Thanks for the news, M-H! I desperately wish he would open up a stand-alone store in Toronto. We're moving back to that area next year, and when I think about my dream job, working for Editions de Parfums would be it. Do you have a contact I could petition?

  4. No, I don't. I can tell you that Malle is picky about his SAs in his stand-alone stores as they are expected to know how to write a basic perfumery formula.


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