News in Brief: More on Sarrasins and Louve by Serge Lutens + Perfume Review by Octavian Sever Coifan {New Perfumes} {Perfume Short (Review)}


The upcoming Sarrasins by Serge Lutens, it has now been revealed, will have its jasmine-based scent colored a deep purple, hence we can now understand better that the reference to ink is partly literal as evoked by the words "petrifyingly beautiful jasmine, gloved in black ink the color of bats."

Louve, an almond-based scent will, interestingly too, be colored in white. We remember seeing a milky-colored and opalescent perfume once and we absolutely loved the added charm and mystery it created.

We love perfumes that frankly play with colors!

PS: Please check the comment section for quick, yet precise reviews of the two perfumes by Octavian Sever Coifan of 1000 Fragrances.

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  1. Sarrasins is a jasmin very animalic (almost ambery) like the fake jasmin that grows in south of France. In fact in the village of Eze, there is a very small door by where the village was conquered in the early middle age (my souvenirs from riviera). the whole village is full with that jasmin that smells like the perfume. I don't know if my story and the inspiration are related, but that's what I saw when I tryed the perfume.
    In the same time it smells like som jasmin reconstitutions Symrise/Charabot/Synarome (I don't remember which one). Sorry to say... but the first impression was of a rich jasmin base reconstitution and not a real fragrance. :((( I have to resmell it again.

    Louve is a sweet heliotrope with cherry notes in the direction of Loukhom. It's very sirupy and liquor like (cherry)on top.
    there is heliotropine, anisaldehyde, coumarine, vanniline (a lot), rose absolute, some rasberry notes (frambinone maybe).

  2. LOL!!!

    Thanks for the scoop Octavian!

    Your notes are so effortlessly precise. I love the super local micro-history reference to Eze and its door!!!

    You can write more full-fledged reviews of the scents if you have any desire to do so and we'll post them.

  3. I don't know if this additional info is attractive or scary... Fake jasmine? Syrupy? Also, I can't help thinking that purple juice is a dangerous proposition for anyone who doesn't dress in black. Still, it's great to have these extra previews. Thank you, Marie-Hélène and Octavian.

  4. Yes, it's nice. Now, I'll plan to go visit that village one day.

  5. Interesting stuff but I must say I'm a bit worried that the perfume might taint clothes! The picture you used is interesting. That bottle of Parker must be ~20 years old, the bottles these days have different caps.


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