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Writing this review at dawn makes one realize that Profumum Alba (Dawn) - one of the latest releases by the Italian house - attempts to capture the coolness of dawn, the first chilly beginnings of the day as well as the initial pristine transparency of a time that has not yet taken shape and form and which remains open to meaning. As the scent progressively warms up so does the day. The elapsing of time is one of the most fascinating elements that can be integrated into a fragrance. It plays with our metaphysical fiber, renders us more contemplative, and makes both life and perfume more precious because the transient character of things was felt more vividly, concretely, as if compressed more clearly within the more intelligible unit of the perfume.....

Alba is, more than a fresh powder scent, a cool one with its pale green aniseed undertones that are like a gentler variation of licorice. The aroma of aniseed is sweet, soft, invigorating suggesting a sort of innocence through associations with traditional candies and pastries. The perfume suggests in its initial stage the tactile sensation one experiences when touching fine talcum powder, a glacé, chilly impression to the tip of the fingers. This initial powdery musky floral and aniseed accord is closely reminiscent of Talco Delicato by I Profumi di Firenze.

As the perfume progresses and warms up, the heart becomes more amber-y albeit without taking on the usual glowing quality of amber and remaining snowy white. The notes reveal the slight metallic and marine tinges of the ambergris, the sweetness of vanilla, the soft milky fruitiness of almonds, and the unmistakable woody and fruity facets of hazelnut. The powdery heart takes on an almost flour-like quality, which together with its association with hazelnut brings to mind another perfume reference, Bois Farine by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

The dry-down is warm, soft, and subtle – close to the skin - with pleasant facets of raw flour that smell almost like wet clay while being mainly vanillic, amber-y and musky. Alba is a very soft and discreet cozy scent with enough elegance (tinge of aldehydes and a subtle reference to Chanel No 5) and maturity to it to not seem to betray openly one’s nostalgia for one’s childhood while making delicate allusions to it.

Notes are: sandalwood, hazel wood, almond wood, amber

You can find Alba at Luckyscent, $195 for 100 ml.


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  1. just with this review you made me think back to being a child and being at my grandparents' house, in the country, with all the smells of the morning and the dew dripping from the grasses. and while sitting on their front porch, she'd (my grandma) make me and my brother some coffee and we'd sit on the front porch, looking across large cotton field and looking at the woods behind the cotton field. what a great time in life!! i don't know if this cologne would take me that far or not but your review sure did! and that makes me want to try this!

  2. Thank you for sharing this memory. It was just lovely reading your comment.

  3. i just purchased OJ orris noir and i am currently waiting to test it out...i bought it blindly because of the rave compliments it has received on numerous websites. as you can see i'm new to the fragrance world as OJON is over a year old i think. ;) anywho, it was quite an expensive purchase plus i want to get used to it before purchasing this one, if i decide to do so. but from your review, i'd like this one. one question: what occassion would alba be appropriate for??? could a man wear it?

    oh and p.s., thank you for the review! your review took me directly to those tranquil days that i never thought were as special as a child! there aren't many a folk who have had an invigorating experience such as this and that's why i'm intrigued by this one. i won't say i'll definitely purchase it but alba does sound lovely...i took immediate interest in it when you 1st introduced it on your site a month or two ago! i also just want you to know that this site really helps me find some of the cutting-edge fragrances and stay "in the know" of future niche fragrances as well; thanks again!! without this site, and some others, i'd probably still be going to belk looking for something fruity! don't get me wrong, fruity if fine, but i've found that there's so much more out there! ;)

  4. Hi Kennyken,

    I could see Alba being worn either at work or at home. It's a casually elegant comfort scent. It will not make a strong social statement as it is rather discreet. So rather for the day than the night (except for bedtime)and to be worn more for you than for others. Yes, I think a man could wear it although I must qualify that as now I remember that the drydown can project more and feel like a feminine aldehydic fragrance. It's best to try yourself.

    You could also try the other scents mentioned: Talco Delicato and Bois Farine.

  5. well i thank you for your opinion because i just received OJ orris noir today and it's waaaay to feminine for me. beautiful and classy though but it would be perfect for a woman so i gave it away :(

    i'll definitely look into talco delicato and bois farine, though.

  6. This writing was so lyrical and magical, I fell in love with the craft of writing all over again.Oh, yeah, the perfume, too. (I ordered a sample. Can't wait!)
    What an incredible piece of imaginative wordcraft! I'm a writer by trade and an artist at heart, and your transportive description gave me an idea for a collage. I'd like to use your words to incorporate it into the piece. May I have your permission?

  7. Qinncreative,

    Yes, as long as you credit me:)

  8. Kennyken,

    Bois Farine is a bit more masculine because of the woody notes, but it might still not be gender-marked enough for you:)

  9. Thanks so much. Not only will I credit you, I'll put the accents in, too. Haven't been around long enough to know your last name though, and don't know how to ask but a post. Please let me know, and let me know if you'd like an identifier ("Empress of Perfumes," "Perfume Magician")

  10. You can use my name as "Marie-Hélène Wagner" and the identifier could be The Scented Salamander. But I appreciate your suggestions:)

    I am now curious to see your collage of course. Please keep us posted!

  11. I appreciate your advise. well, off to google (and others) for research!! thanks :)

  12. Hi. Thank you so much for the comparison to talco delicato. I have a sample of alba and it is on my list for full bottle purchase. I recently received samples from I profumi di firenze and adore all of them. I love talco but it smelled like something to me. Thanks to you, now I know! Now, to spend the next couple of hours comparing wrists, lol!

  13. You're welcome!


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