Osmanthus Interdite, Fougère Bengale, & Equistrius by Parfum d'Empire {New Fragrances}



As a follow-up to our previous announcement, we now have more details about Parfum d'Empire's upcoming new fragrances set out to launch in September of 2007, which are called Osmanthus Interdite (Forbidden Osmanthus), Fougère Bengale (Bengal Fern), and Equistrius. The house catalogue will now comprise eight perfumes total. In keeping with the program of the house, each perfume is inspired by a particular historical empire......

Osmanthus Interdite plays with Chinese imperial symbols and includes notes of osmanthus, rose, Sambac jasmine, green Chinese tea, musks, and leather. Osmanthus is often seen in perfumery as the Chinese bloom par excellence, so no surprise here especially allied as it is with green tea. Osmanthus' apricot-y facet is just enthralling.

Fougère Bengale aims to recreate the atmosphere of a tiger hunt in the most beautiful of the jewels in Victoria's crown, India. It includes notes of mosses, mint, hay, blond tobacco, honey, Madagascar vanilla, patchouli, and gingerbread. Tea time after the tiger hunt?

Equistrius is named after Marc-Antoine Coticchiato's own race horse and is at the same time a reference to the Roman empire. It has notes of ambergris, woods, orris, ambrette butter, sandalwood, vetiver, and chocolate. Another gourmand homage it seems.

We now have a review of Osmanthus Interdite by Parfum d'Empire 

A 100 ml flacon will retail for 92 Euros.

(Sources: Osmoz, Creassence) 

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  1. They all sound delectable! And I love the styling of the bottles, very classy. Thanks for reporting.

  2. Iskander is a treasure, I'm sure these will be, too. The Fougere sounds wonderful.

  3. I look forward to these very much, especially the Equistrius. They all sound fabulous.


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