Roxy by Roxy {New Perfume}



French company Inter Parfums, the owner of the Burberry franchise, is going to launch a new brand named Roxy. Its first fragrance will be simply called Roxy and will be introduced this summer. The line of eaux de toilette wishes to entice adolescents and young adults aged between 15 and 25......

"The pink juice with fruity, hesperide and floral notes was composed by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan. The round glass bottle is by French agency Cent Degrés." The plan is to issue a new perfume every six months to keep up with the need for change in the younger segment of the population. Roxy Love will follow 6 months after Roxy.

"The EdT is priced from €29 (30ml) to €55 (100ml). The launch begins in selective distribution in France in July, followed by the US in August and 80 other countries in September."

(Source: Cosmetic News) 

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  1. For a younger generations perfume, I have to admit, this smells great, it wears off quickly though!!

  2. I love this purfume!

  3. I really really want to gte this perfumee!!! x

  4. I want this perfume .
    Where can I get it in Canada ?

  5. I want this parfume soooooo bad. where can I get in it IL????


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