Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock, The Flacon {New Fragrance}



Following up on the announcements for the upcoming Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock, which we reported about here and then there (watch video from Vogue), here is a picture of the flacon designed in a visually provocative style with lettering seemingly traced like graffiti on a wall with a playful fire-engine red lipstick........

Nevertheless, the royal-looking orb maintains its dominion over the unruliness of the Rock message beneath it.

So contrasted and so British! It evokes for me the peaceful sight of a conservative old man reading The Times in the underground sitting next to a punk with red hair and rings in his nose, mouth, and ears.

The perfume was designed by Marie Salamagne of Firmenich and is described as a woody patchouli Oriental scent with notes of bergamot, freesia, jasmine, and amber. It will debut in the UK exclusively at Selfridges from mid-to-end of August of 2007 and will be distributed at the international level from mid-September starting in Asia.

The EdP is priced at £29.50/$59 for 30ml and £47/$94 for 50ml.

(Source: Cosmetic News)

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  1. This is a new release that I am looking forward to; I like the original Boudoir. Had to smile at your illustration of what the bottle evokes - so true! I'm esp. pleased to see a 30ml size available and wish more perfumers would bottle in smaller sizes. More affordable and easier to use up!


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