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3121 by Prince is a big va-va-voom of an exotic floral scent. If it were not for that sense of calculated excess and amplified decibels where the floral notes and sexual indoles are concerned, it would be a plain ol' romantic classic white floral perfume fit for a dainty Southern belle made easily faint by the mugginess of southerly breezes....

As it is, the rock 'n' roll intensity serves to underscore by contrast not a classic, but make it a very classic tuberose and orange blossom structure, which seems to reflect that side of Prince that is classically tailored, dandy-like, and betrays a nostalgia for frock-coats.

Except that the musician seems at times to be doing a surrealistic dance routine with sweaty chained bears by his sides (indoles, cedar, and musk). A whiff of nail polish hints at the modernity of synthetic smells. The dry-down is soft, woodsy, sexy and reveals the piquancy of patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood, while being rounded off by a fruity orange blossom.

The indolic aspect remains quite pronounced throughout offering an almost leathery and even skai-like character making you now envision Prince wearing close-fitted leather or skai pants under an elegant frock-coat.

The perfume overall is reasonably complex - but not very - and fairly linear. Despite its lushness, it is less long-lasting than it would have led you to believe in the beginning.


The fragrance ought to please fans of Prince and amateurs of explosive white florals who prefer statement offer subtlety. This is a drag-queen of a white-floral. With the right amplifying body chemistry and the right attitude, it would have the potential of turning you into an efficacious sexual bomb thanks to the pulsating beat it contains.

Notes are: bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, orange flower, muguet, tuberose, ylang ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar woods, musks.

"The brilliant 3121 bottles are reminiscent of emerald cut diamonds complete with a full frontal panel raised 22 karat gold 3121 decoration - an unprecedented elegance in today's fragrance arena."

(Source: Prince 3121 press release)

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  1. The bottle is quite tacky.

    And LOL @ 'short' review !

  2. i guess this has "prince" written all over it! "prince" is even chemically contained in it!! LOL

    however, it sounds like it fits prince's persona...therefore it could only be made for one man...prince....and any woman!!


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