Arabia Felix Collection by Agallocha: Muthhela Man, Muthhela Woman, Tedallal Man, Tedallal Woman {New Fragrances}


A-Letter-TSS.jpgAgallocha (Update April 12, 2010: the site has moved to a new address, Arabia Felix) is a new perfume house based in Paris, France which wants to draw its inspiration from world cultures. The brand is named after the most beautiful variety of Aloeswood, Aquilaria Agallocha, prized and used in different parts of the world. Its first collection created in 2005 is dedicated to Arabian culture and entitled Arabia Felix. The perfumes were created by the "poet of perfumes" Habib Al Soweidi.......

The line comprises four fragrances: Muthhela for man, Muthhela for Woman, Tedallal Woman and Tedallal Man.

Muthhela Man centers on oud and includes a top note of amber, heart notes of cedar and smoked oud, base notes of sandal, vetiver, and musk.

Muthhela Woman is inspired by the rose sung by Saadi in his poem The Gulistan. It has top notes of coriander, cardamom, ylang-ylang. Heart notes are rose, muguet, jasmine, saffron. Base notes develop with sandal, cedar, patchouly, vetiver, vanilla, amber, musk, and praline.

Tedallal Man is a musk perfume inspired by the natural vegetal and animalic musky facets found in the natural world. It has top notes of lemon, bergamot, tarragon. Heart notes are rose, jasmine, cinnamon, clove. Base notes include musk, sandal, oud, vetiver, gayac, amber, saffron.

Tedallal Woman is based on a typical Middle Eastern perfume accord called "Mukhalat", which includes rose, jasmine, saffron, amber, woods, musks. The perfume's top notes are bergamot, blackcurrant, winepeach. Heart notes are Rose of Damascus, Ylang-ylang, saffron. Base notes are mosses, patchouly, animalic notes, oud.

The Muthhela perfumes are priced at 63.80 Euros and the Tedallal at 57.20 Euros.

They can be found in several locations in Paris, including Parfums Rive Droite from where I got the price information, 35 Avenue Marceau, 75016, Tel: 01 47 20 68 65

Other locations include:

Art et Sud 52, place du Marché Saint-Honoré 75 001 Paris
2000 et 1 nuits 13, rue Francs Bourgeois 75 004 Paris
Via Antica 11, rue Jacob 75 006 Paris

(Sources: via Amabilia, Osmoz) 

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