Public Interest Announcement Regarding Serge Lutens Fragrances Sold on eBay (Updated) {Fragrance News}

It has come to my attention that Shiseido, which owns Serge Lutens fragrances, have undertaken legal actions against eBay and sellers in particular that have sold flacons of Louve and Sarrasins on eBay. I have been told that they are also looking for the persons who bought them and would appreciate it if these persons would contact them before they are contacted by their own people. They reiterated that it is not legal to procure these perfumes at this point as the fragrances are not yet on the market. There was also an issue with a stolen shipment, which makes people who buy these perfumes potential accomplices for handling stolen goods.

In fact, our previous announcement about availability at La Mûre Favorite poses a problem because they are not allowed to sell Louve online at this point. I was told that the Palais Royal Shiseido has Louve only for members of the press to sniff.

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