Sarrasins by Serge Lutens {Scented Image} {New Perfume}

serge lutens_Sarrasins.jpg

Here are beautiful pictures of the upcoming dark purple-colored jus with black tinges by Serge Lutens called Sarrasins. On the right is the exclusive signed limited edition numbered from 1 to 30 decorated with an Arabic style of calligraphy that is engraved using gold and platinum (850 Euros). The non-luxury edition is priced at 105 Euros and will be available from September exclusively at the Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido.....

"The perfumer expurgates fears that might arise from a word that was built on centuries of prejudices to make "Sarrasin" [sic] be a velvety juice, darkly refined, with a stormy body....."(I think that the plural accentuates the medieval connotation of otherness).


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  1. Chère Madame,

    Avant de punlier une info, il est bon de la vérifier...
    Tout d'abord, comme vous pourrez le lire sur le packshot Sarrasins s'écrit avec un S à la fin.
    Puis, il s'agit d'un 75 ml proposé à 105 euros et sur le site dès le mois de Septembre 2007.
    Nous sommes certains que les passionnés de parfums que vous êtes apprécieront...
    Bonne journée,

    Les parfums Srege Lutens

    Parfums Serge Lutens
  2. Je vous remercie. Oui, je faisais justement un commentaire sur le fait que le pluriel était la bonne version. Cette citation est extraite de et je la reproduisais en indiquant telle quelle la petite erreur. Merci pour la correction sur le prix et la taille! j'ai recopié ces informations en sautant une ligne et elles concernaient Louve en fait!

  3. I have doutbs when it comes to the authenticity of Parfums Serge Lutens, I had emails before and the director always signs her name either for 'Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido' or 'Serge Lutens Parfums et Beaute' and these guys wouldn 't mispell Serge 'name!

    Aline et Valcour
  4. I think they wrote this note quickly. I was in contact with one of their PRs and she confimed to me that it was someone from their house. But you're right, there was the possibility that it might have been a hoax, although I didn't think about that possibility.

  5. I still believe this is rather odd but anyways these Sarrasins bottles are stunning! I cannot wait to get this jet-black ink jasmine perfume, definitely blind buy worth it for me!

    Aline et Valcour
  6. I think that if you had more info about the current background situation, you would understand better.

    The bottles are indeed stunning. I will be looking forward to discovering them.


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