Assouline Book Scented Candles {Shopping Tip}

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You love fragrances AND books? Look no further if you wish to luxuriate in an old leather armchair while getting engrossed in your favorite folio; publisher Assouline offers a range of three scented candles for bibliophiles called Book Scented Candles which includes Bibliothèque, Wood, and Leather. They are meant to  "...evoke the rich fragrance of a library with carefully selected blend of aromatic ingredients gathered from around the world.".......

So even if your "armchair" turns out to be a butterfly armchair from Urban Outfitters, you can make your environment smell as if you were sitting in the Bodleian. The candles even proudly display ISBNs.

Created by one of the world’s sensory experts, this candle distills the atmosphere of your fantasy library into a light, extra-fine perfume, encapsulating the pleasure of reading. ISBN 284323459X

WOOD - $45.-
Encased in an alluring gift box, this fine candle distills the warm scent of a wood-paneled library or a fresh wooden crate with its refined mix of red cedar and copaiba fresh from the Amazonian forest. Light one and experience the aroma of a true library.
ISBN: 284323798X

LEATHER - $45.-
This candle distills the soft smell of leather, as it transports us to the world of old books and comfortable leather couches with its delicious blend of essences. It evokes the scent of an old manuscript, and brings a deep, rich smell into your home.
ISBN: 2843237971

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  1. $45 for one votive candle? It better be 24K gold plated and burn up to 500 hours.

    Ronald McDonald Trump

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