Cé, Em, & El by Scensoir Parfum de Rêves {New Fragrances}

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Scensoir Parfum de Rêves is a new brand which is positioning itself to be, in a quite literal sense, the perfumer of your dreams. You may have one or a few favorite fragrances that you like to wear to bed because you have noticed that your sleep and dreams are enhanced by them. Here comes in Scensoir, which will offer a new line of three fragrances this fall called Cé, Em, and El........

The perfumes have aromatherapy properties and have been specially designed to de-stress their wearers.

This Citrus-Floral is defined by its soothing bouquet of Egyptian chamomile, lavender
and thyme.  Top notes tantalize with hints of lemon, orange and petitgrain, and
bottom notes of sheer musk and sage round out this nature-inspired fragrance, which
leaves its wearer with a feeling of warmth and comfort.
Top notes include lemon, orange & petitgrain; middle notes include Egyptian
chamomile & lavender; and bottom notes include sage, thyme & sheer musk.
“Delicate yet complex” describes this Herbaceous-Floral, which is defined by its heart
of sweet marjoram and clary sage.  A family of citrus top notes enhances the
fragrance’s intensity, and the dry-down is punctuated by notes of ginger, black pepper
and patchouli.
Top notes include bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, petitgrain & cedarleaf; middle notes
include marjoram, clary sage, juniperberry & neroli; and bottom notes include ginger,
black pepper, cedarwood & patchouli.
A calming clean sensation permeates this Woody-Floriental, beginning with its opening
notes of chamomile and bergamot.  Its feel-good lavender-infused heart combines
with comforting nuances of vanilla, sandalwood and musk, which add to the richness
of this scent’s soothing experience.
Top notes include chamomile & bergamot; middle notes include orris, jasmine,
lavender & tuberose; bottom notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla & musk.

The suggested retail price for each individual perfume oil roller is $28.00; the suggested
retail price for the Trio Set is $69.00. 

You can visit their site for more information 

(Source: Scensoir press release) 

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