Floriental, Potion d'Amour, Méditerranée, & Rhapsodie by Sharini {Fragrance News}

Nicholas Jennings is a young perfumer originally from Great Britain who is now established in the south of France in the lovely village of Aniane. He has created a line of four eco-friendly organic fragrances, which includes three women's scents, Floriental, Potion d'Amour, Méditerranée, and one men's cologne, Rhapsodie under the brand name Sharini: Parfums Naturels. This year he also added a line of "precious flower oils" to his offerings. Here are descriptions of the notes for the perfume compositions.....


top: bergamot, black pepper, grapefruit, ginger, clove, cardamom


Heart: jasmine, magnolia, ylang ylang, palmarosa


Base: vanilla, sandalwood, cederwood, patchouli


organic alcohol


Floriental- Eau de Parfum

Top: bergamot, mandarine,


Heart: rose, jasmine, lavender, geranium, magnolia, ylang ylang, palmarosa


Base: vetiver, benzoin, cederwood, patchouli


organic alcohol


Potion d'amour - Eau de Parfum

Top: bergamot, petitgrain, verveine


Heart: jasmine, lavender, rose, geranium, ylang ylang,


Base: oak moss, vetiver, cederwood, patchouli


organic alcohol


Méditerranée - Eau de Parfum

Top: bergamot, orange, black pepper, cardamom, clove


Heart: jasmine, ylang ylang, palmarosa


Base: vetiver, sandalwood, frankincense, cederwood, patchouli


organic alcohol



Rhapsodie pour homme - Eau de Parfum

You can visit Sharini's website for more information about the fragrances....



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