Jennifer Lopez Partners with Designer Parfums for Global Expansion {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfumes}


A recent picture of JLo modelling one of her creations made in partnership with Mexican retailer Coppel.

Jennifer Lopez is leaving the fold of Coty, Inc to revise her perfume brand's growth strategy with new partner Designer Parfums...

The JLo perfume brand, known as a blockbuster success of the noughties with the launch of the excellent Glow by Jlo in 2002 (that white musk!), was to be followed by 23 fragrances. The rhythm of development had slowed over the last few years. Now with Dilesh Mehta, Chairman and CEO of Designer Parfums, the plan is set for fresh global expansion.

"Jennifer has always had a clear vision when it comes to her fragrance, knowing trends and delivering scents the public love, all while encompasses her authenticity and vision," said Dilesh Mehta. "The teams at Designer Parfums are hugely excited to be working with Jennifer and her team and having a long, successful and beautifully scented partnership."

The current company's portfolio comprises celebrity fragrance brands Naomi Campbell and Ariana Grande. Recently, their designer label Worth Paris has benefited from a partnership with Disney movie Beauty and the Beast resulting in a fictional celebrity scent, Belle, which just launched.

They are also behind Aigner, Porsche Design, Ghost Fragrances, Parfums Scherrer and Jean Patou.

Lopez remained measured in tone saying,

"Developing my fragrance line has been a uniquely rewarding creative experience. I am excited to work with Designer Parfums to continue the expansion of my Jennifer Lopez Fragrance House,"

Dilesh Mehta will focus on the key global markets of Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East,

"Through our partnership with Ms. Lopez, we will use our combined brand equities to further strengthen our position in these markets, and expand into new territories," concludes Dilesh Mehta. "The goal is for Designer Parfums expertise to drive the next phase of Lopez's fragrance development and position this business for future growth."

No date has been given as to when the first collaboration will be unveiled. Stay tuned.

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