Histoire d'Un Rêve, Histoire Charnelle, Délicieuse Histoire by Hubert Maes {New Fragrances}

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Hubert Maes is a French indie perfumer based in the north of France, in Lille. He has created a collection of three perfumes, each telling a story of a different woman, called Histoire d'Un Rêve (The Story of a Dream), Histoire Charnelle (The Story of the Flesh/Carnal Story), and Délicieuse Histoire (Delicious Story). His creations are going to be more widely distributed in the By Terry boutiques........

Histoire d'Un Rêve is inspired by the iconic image of a natural, impulsive, and sensual flapper girl. Top notes are fresh:  mandarin, bergamot. Heart notes are floral and spicy: cinnamon, rose, jasmine, iris, ylang ylang. Base notes are ambery and woody: cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla.

Histoire Charnelle was made after a carnal woman who evokes envy. She is lucid and ambitious. Top notes are fruity and fresh: pear, coco, mandarin, bergamot. Heart notes are woody and aromatic: sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, cinnamon, nutmeg. Base notes are ambery: Tonka Bean and vanilla.

Délicieuse Histoire was inspired by the archetype of the woman-child. Top notes are fresh and fruity: pear and melon. Heart notes are sweet: blackberry and coconut. Base notes are subtle and ambery: Tonka bean, heliotrope, hazelnut, and praline.

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