Blossom Dew/Rosée de Fleurs by L'Occitane {Perfume Short (Review)} {Bath & Body}

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For almond perfume lovers, L'Occitane en Provence has a scent that is both pretty and comforting. It feels as comforting as a drink of Turkish sahlep sipped in misty autumnal Istanbul. The fragrance is called Blossom Dew in English and Rosée de Fleurs in French.

The packaging gets high marks from us as the flacon is charming with the perfume itself offering a lovely milky and opalescent color due to the use of almond proteins in it........

Meant to both hydrate you and envelop you with a sweet aura of almond blossom perfume, it certainly does the latter even if we are not sure that it can truly be an all-around effective hydrating and firming mist. For one thing, the perfume is light but not faint, so putting on too much is certainly a risk. It probably would be most functional sprayed on the décolleté if you want to offer a special treatment to your bust without asphyxiating people around you. One is tempted to do the same on the face, but the scent is too present to pass as a discrete lotion on it.

Almond Blossom Dew smells both flowery and woodsy with sweet nutty and milky notes of almond. If you are a fan of L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil and would like more of the same scent being developed in a slightly more complex fashion, then don't miss out! It is a nice complement.

For us, if we did not already own Guerlain Lights of Champs-Elysées (only available in travel retail), we would probably cave. The L'Occitane perfume smells close to the Guerlain one, but less perfume-y and as arranged in a full-fledged composition, i.e., it is more linear and simple, but not simplistic.

The bottle, with its milky ambrosia, is so cute though that we are saying this with some regret.

It is alcohol-free so it is a good option to consider if you are looking for an outdoorsy or bathing scent that won't leave you with alcohol marks.

From the ad copy:

Delicious aroma with unique skin benefits. Fragrance gel releases invigorating almond proteins, proven to enhance collagen synthesis, which in turn helps to restore skin's support tissue. The perfect finishing touch to the Almond range of firming and toning formulas. Alcohol-free, light and refreshing. The sweet and nutty scent of almond blossom is heightened by notes of sensual vanilla.

A 3.4 fl oz. bottle retails for $34. 

You can purchase the scent on the L'Occitane website as well as in their boutiques. 

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