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Maxim's de Paris is going to launch two collections of scented candles respectively called Sem and Belle Epoque. Sem will debut at Bergdorf Goodman in October 2007 and both lines will be more widely distributed after that. The first one is inspired by the art work of artist Georges Goursat also known as Sem, who used to draw caricatures of the restaurant's patrons and the second collection pays homage to the Belle Epoque heritage of Maxim's founded in 1893.......

Maxim's Sem collection will feature three fruity and floral fragrances — Figuier Blossoms, Bergamot Eclat and Fruit Glace.

The Belle Epoque candles were inspired by Paris' Belle Epoque period and the restaurant's interior floral and fauna decorations that date back to the early 20th century. Each of the candle fragrances is inspired by foods taken from the menu's offerings of fruit, wine, champagne, flower blossoms, pastries and teas. The Belle Epoque line will feature four fragrances — Sweet Black Currant, Linden & Mint Tea, Chocolate Craquelines and Bois D'Or. Made from soy paraffin, the fragrance oils are designed with multilayered scents.

The candles in the Maxim's Sem assortment offer up to 60 hours of burning time and retail for $45 each; the Belle Epoque candles will last up to 75 hours and retail for $50.

Maxim's already sells a unisex perfume designed with Pierre Cardin called Orphée

(Sources: Women's Wear Daily, Maxim's) 

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  1. Love the style of the containers. Belle epoque is a lovely choice of imagery.

  2. Yes -- did you have time to listen to their Belle Epoque ditties on their site? Big sweet moment of nostalgia. It made me think of my great grand mother. I am all inspired to do something on the perfumes of the Belle Epoque now:)


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