More on Zen by Shiseido {New Perfume}

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Another scent called Zen will be launched by Shiseido this fall. This time the bottle is golden-hued like a golden Japanese tea room.......

The floral, fresh woody, amber fragrance was created by Robertet's perfumer Michel Almairac. Its top notes include grapefruit, bergamot, peach, pineapple and blue rose; mid notes include freesia, gardenia, red apple, violet, lily of the valley, hyacinth, rose from China and lotus flower, while base notes include patchouli, cedar, musk, white musk, amber, incense and marine plant. The notes of rose from China and lotus flower are used for their traditional calming properties, according to the company.

The "blue rose" springs from the marriage of a rose and violet, according to Almairac, who explained, "It has a very particular odor — a lemony note."

Shiseido Zen comes in a streamlined, square-shaped, gold-color-tinged bottle, by Taisuke Kikuchi, whose design was inspired by a golden Japanese teahouse — traditionally the place for ultimate hospitality.

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  1. I tested this on my wrists today, and I must say it is really lovely, I think I will get this one.

    Nina Quincompoix

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