Historic Relaunch: Les Parfums Mythiques by Givenchy {New Fragrances}

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As previously announced, Parfums Givenchy, which is owned by LVMH, in order to mark its 50th anniversary is relaunching a library of scents in October of 2007 exhumed from its historic catalogue called Les Parfums Mythiques (Mythical Perfumes), which will include six women's perfumes and four men's. Despite the will to reproduce the originals as closely as possible with the help of perfumers from Givaudan, substitute ingredients had to be found due to new regulations pertaining to the use of raw materials......

The new collection comprises: L'Interdit (1957), Le De (1957), Monsieur (1959), Vetyver (1959), Givenchy III (1970), Eau de Givenchy (1980), Xeryus (1986), Extravagance d'Amarige (1998), and Organza Indécence (1999). Some had become quite rare and nearly impossible to find, already the stuff of legend and lore amongst perfumistas, such as Le De and Vetyver.

Interestingly, Françoise Donche, head of olfaction at Givenchy stressed that the earlier scents up to the end of the 1970s are more about Frenchness and Parisian lifestyle while the later ones starting with Eau de Givenchy in 1980 tend to reflect French and American culture and dominant trends at the time of their launches: "These earlier scents epitomize quintessential Frenchness and Paris," she said.

Each new edition of the fragrances comes in a 100-ml. glass flacon designed by Pablo Reinoso. A transparent cap and champagne pink-colored label denotes a women's scent, whereas a smoky-colored cap and brown label are used for a men's fragrance.

Prices range from 55 euros, or $75 at current exchange, for a 100-ml. Eau de Givenchy eau de toilette spray, to 80 euros, or $109, for a 100-ml. L'Interdit eau de toilette spray.
(Source: Women's Wear Daily) 

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