Outrageous! by Frederic Malle (2007) {New Perfume}


Frederic Malle has come up with a new fragrance - his 17th creation to date - explicitly destined to the younger crowd this time. It is called Outrageous! and will be officially released in October of 2007.

The perfume was composed by Sophia Grojsman of IFF. It is described as a "citrusy, oceanic, unisex" scent and is meant to evoke an "....androgynous, super sexy scent, something like a good pair of jeans,"...

Notes include Caipirinha (the national drink of Brazil), clean laundry, green apple, orange blossom, amber, and Texas cedar.

The scent will be exclusively distributed in the Barneys New York Co-op stores at the national level, so as to better reach out to the younger demographic and continue developing the partnership between Barneys and Frederic Malle; 25% of Barneys fragrance sales comes from the Frederic Malle perfumes they carry.

"The packaging for Outrageous reflects the dressed-down informality of denim, with recycled cardboard and bright lettering in the Co-op color scheme --- orange, white, and grey."

Frederic Malle adds a more modern edge to his brand image with this new creation, which seems like the niche-perfumery alternative proposition to the mass-marketed CK IN2U. The editor of parfums added

"I dream of new molecules bringing scents that no one has ever smelled."

(Sources: Cosmetic World, Barneys)

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  1. well even though this is marketed toward young'uns, it still seems to be different from other fragrances marketed toward young adults. this may be wearable by myself...a 31 year old.

  2. sounds a little girly though. which is not bad, but too bad for me! ;)

  3. Yes, it should be interesting to try an upscale niche perfume scent aimed at youngsters:)

  4. Frederic Malle is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone for Outrageous. Anyone know the cost of this juice? It does sound like a great blending and one I'd be willing to try.

  5. If I remember correctly, it will retail for $110.

  6. I like this scent, it takes itself on a very light note. starts out smelling like clean laundry on a sunny day, then you start to get an infusion of neroli, and green apple, and finally a cedar, oceanic base. Very well done, very wearable.

    John Parodi
  7. It smells like "OFF" bug spray for an unpleasantly long period of time before it mellows into something nicer...

  8. it goes on cvery loud and sweet....almost as sexual cotton candy......it settles with the sublime sweetness and cleanliness of a baby yet somehow carries a playful sexual edge that i can not truly describe in terms of scents.....this is definitely a "younger guy" smell or at least someone who has a young side to them. overall= great.

  9. Hi Alex,

    I need to smell this one. Thank you for the reminder!


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