Tomate Aristocrate, Glycine de Chine, & Scottish Memories by Le Prince Jardinier {Fragrant Shopping} {Scented Candles}

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Le Prince Jardinier, a brand whose motto is "Excellence around the garden", is known for its dedication to the art of gardening and interest in perfumes. The label was named after a nickname given to its founder, Prince Louis-Albert de Broglie, also known as the Prince-Gardener......

They have a line of six personal fragrances that you can find in Le Prince Jardinier stores, website, and at Aedes de Venustas in the USA. We spotted their line of scented candles which comprises:

Tomate Aristocrate recreates the smells of a kitchen garden with notes of tomato leaves, basil, chervil, and more aromatic plants.

Glycine de Chine pays homage to the return of spring with notes of hyacinths and wisteria.

Scottish Memories evokes the smell of a lit fireplace in Scotland with notes of cedar, pine tree bark, resin, cinnamon, spices, clove, and vetiver.

Each candle retails for 34 Euros. 

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  1. i would like to buy these could you tell how do you ship to japan?

    • It's best to contact the brand directly as we don't carry them

      Chant Wagner

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